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Hours Open For The Museum

Monday To Saturday 10 am to 5 pm

People Born or From North Sydney

  • Bobby Smith, NHL, Stanley Cup Winner
  • Flora MacDonald, MP, Influential Person
  • Matt Minglewood, Award Winning Rocker
  • Harold Russell, Dual Oscar Winning Actor
  • Senator John MacDonald
  • More Info Can Be Found By Visiting The Museum

War Time & History

  • We knew a day before the rest of world that WW1 was over
  • We were part of the battle for the Altantic
  • German Spies from a UBoat were in town
  • German Uboats sank the SS Caribou
  • The Western Union that vital during the war
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  • Photos & Books
  • Communication Equipment
  • Shipping & Boating Items
  • War Time Items
  • 1919 LaFrance Fire Truck and Equipment
  • Please visit our museum to see all the artifacts in our collection

Many Other Categories

  • Native Culture and artifacts
  • Various Cultures & History
  • Photo Albums
  • Beautiful displayed historical items
  • Western Union Communcation Devices and Artifacts
  • Please bring your family and discover our museum.